Our firm, active in the market for over twenty years, produces and handpackages Italian food specialities of the highest level of quality. We now have a new factory in Paliano, location of a natural bird sanctuary.
Our business policy has always been, without exception:

Distribution of the "Arte, Cultura & Sapore" ("Art, Culture and Taste") product line to specially selected "traditional" shops. We ship our products with a preferred shipping method ,by territory or town.
Creativity. We are always on the look out for new, unique products, and we're always ready to improvise to fit our clients' needs.
Professionalism that we have earned with years of experience. We are also doing constant research, in order to increase our own knoweledge and know-how. In addition, we are constantly studying laws, texts, and professional journals, as well as all norms and regulations in the food product sector.

Flexibility in the resolution of our clients' problems, both at production and logistical levels. In this way, we achieve Personalisation of our service.
Immediate Availability of ordered products from our complete stock in a 2000 m2 warehouse. We offer immediate shipment of our products, packaged and protected on europallets to prevent the damage to merchandise.
Consultation with the owner, Franco Ficari, in order to find the best solutions and sales conditions. We strive to create long-term, mutually satisfactory relationships with our clients.
Telephone Ordering, including fax and internet communication, link our clients directly with our main office, and offer them immediate shipment.

Our firm is capable of supplying pasta makers, exclusive regional distributors, restaurants, wineproducers, private firms, hotels, and travel agencies. We guarantee rapid shipment.
Our sales office can make our complete product catalogue avalable on CD-ROM.
Our Paliano offices are available by telephone at +39-0775-533-742 or by email at ficari@ficari.it